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HOSPECO® Napkin Receptacle
Liner, Kraft Waxed Paper,
$26.50 each
Inteplast Group Interleaved
High-Density Can Liners, 24x33, 16gal,
6mic, BK, 50/RL, 20 RL/CT.
$44.00 each
Boardwalk® High-Density Can
Liner, 43x47, 56gal, 19 Mic Equiv.,
Black, 25/Roll, 6 Rolls/CT.
$44.00 each
Inteplast Group High-Density Can
Liner, 40 x 48, 45gal, 22mic, Black,
25/Roll, 6 Rolls/Carton.
$45.00 each
Liner, 33 x 40, 33gal, 16mic,
Black, 25/Roll, 10 Rolls/Carton.
$36.50 each
More Trash Items
coming soon!!!
Heritage Low-Density Repro Can Liner, 33
gal, 1.5 mil, 33 x 39, Black, 100/Carton.
$32.00 per case.
BlueCollar Drawstring Trash Bags,
13gal, 0.8mil, 24 x 28, White, 80/Box.
$21.00 each.
AccuFit® Accufit Low-Density Can Liners, 55
gal, 0.9 mil, 40 x 53, Black, 100/Carton.
$40.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Health Care "Biohazard" Printed
Liners, 1.3mil, 24 x 32, Red, 250/Carton.
$51.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Industrial Strength Commercial
Can Liners, 20-30gal, .9mil, White, 100/Carton.
$25.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Heavy Grade Can Liners,
40-45gal, 13 Micron, 40 x 48, Natural, 200/Carton.
$40.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Super Extra-Heavy Bags, 33gal,
16mic, 33 x 40, Natural, 25 Bags/RL, 10 Rolls/CT.
$46.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Industrial Strength Commercial
Can Liners, 12-16gal, .5mil, White, 500/Carton.
$37.00 each.
Jaguar Plastics® Low-Density Can Liners,
60gal, .7mil, Black, 100/Carton.
$37.00 each.
Glad® Drawstring Large Trash Bags, 30 x
33, 30gal, 1.05mil, Black, 90/Carton.
$30.00 each.
Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute Vented
Trash Receptacle, Round, 44 gal, Black.
$65.00 each.
Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute Vented
Trash Receptacle, Round, 44 gal, Blue.
$65.00 each.
Trash Receptacle, Round, 44 gal, Yellow.
$65.00 each.
Safco® Public Square Trash Container,
Square, Steel, 31gal, Black.
$250.00 each.
Rolodex™ 4 1/2 Gallon Steel
Black Round Mesh Trash Can.
$22.00 each.
Ex-Cell Stainless Steel Trash Receptacle,
33gal, Stainless Steel.
$530.00 each.
Rubbermaid® Commercial 2-Piece Open
Top Indoor Receptacle, Round, Galvanized
Liner, Satin Alum., 35 gal.
$900.00 each.
Safco® Ash 'N Trash Sandless Urn, Square,
Stainless Steel, 3gal, Black/Chrome.
$105.00 each.
Glad® Recycling Tall Kitchen Drawstring
Trash Bags, Clear, 13 gal, .9 mil, 45/Box.
$11.00 each.
Hefty® Easy Flaps
Tall-Kitchen Trash Bags,
13gal, 0.8 Mil, White,
$12.50 each.
Safco® Canmeleon Ash/Trash Receptacle,
Square, Polyethylene, 38gal, Textured Black.
$280.00 each.
Trash cans
55gal, 1.3mil, Black, 40"
x 53", 50/Box.
$32.00 each.